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Executive Pastor Lois Blakes


A native of New Orleans, Lois’ life is centered on God and her family.   She works diligently at fulfilling the position of helpmeet to her husband, as he carries out the vision God has assigned him to.  In addition, she is the founder and director of the Free Spirit Women of Victory, a ministry designed to meet the needs of the TOTAL WOMAN: Spirit, Soul, and Body. God has called her to help women realize who they are and to promote awareness of their specific purposes and functions in the Body of Christ. She is committed to the ministry of preparing women to face their challenges, as she teaches them to live victoriously in spite of their obstacles.

Lois serves as CEO and General Manager of KKNO Unmistakably Christian Radio, where she presently host the “Woman’s Corner”, a program that offers biblical answers, spiritual guidance and comfort for women from all walks of life; she is former host of the “Issues of Life”, which enlightened the community of services offered by various organizations and small businesses. These two programs have touched and changed numerous lives.

She is a product of New Orleans Public Schools and holds degrees from Southern and Xavier Universities of New Orleans, also, a graduate of Christian Bible College of Louisiana.

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